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Choosing the right website host is crucial. When doing so, you should always think about reliability. In this short and simple guide, we’ll talk about setting up Siteground for your WordPress site.

What is website hosting?

Simply put, website hosting is publishing your website files to the internet. Be it visual media, text, or other content it needs online space for your customers to see it. That’s what’s hosting for. When you choose a hosting service, all of the content would be stored on dedicated servers. 

That being said, it’s important to consider what hosting service you choose. This way, you’ll be always sure that your site is live at all times and you also receive the support needed.

What is Siteground?

Siteground is an online service that offers website hosting as well as registering a domain (your site’s URL). Siteground is one of the leading, easy-to-use and reliable website hosts out there. 

They currently host more than 2 million websites and have been a trusted website host since 2004. With a team of professionals, Siteground is quick to respond and able resolve different issues that come along the way.

On top of that, they offer a handful of guides and resources you can use to level up your knowledge base. Make sure to check it out!

How do I create a new website on Siteground?

First, you will need to sign up and choose a plan that suits you best. You can sign up on Siteground by clicking here

After you’ve created an account go to Client Area in your Siteground dashboard and click on Websites → New Website.

You should now see three options when choosing the domain for your WordPress site. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can register one with Siteground directly or register it with GoDaddy

Click Select on the preferable option.

You’ll then be asked to either start a new website or migrate an existing one. As we’re setting up a new site, click Select New Website.

On the next step, click Select on WordPress.

You’ll then need to enter your email address and crate a password for your site. Note that these credentials will be used to login to your WordPress account.

The final step is adding extras – we’ll not be adding those at this time. Click Finish once you’re done.

After you’ve finished the setup, it may take a couple of minutes until it is finalized.

Once the site is created, you will need to point a domain to your newly created site. You can do this by changing the nameservers in your domain registrar’s DNS management settings and then change them to Siteground. You will be provided with DNS records that you need to change once you proceed to this step.

If you click Go to Site Tools you will be directed to the site management. Click WordPress on the left-hand side. To enter your WordPress site, click on the little icon on the right hand-side. See the screenshot below for reference.

In the next steps, you’ll be presented with an option to pick up a theme, choose what WordPress plugins you wish to install as well as choose you a few options for marketing.

We’ll not be discussing this into too much detail but you can check the below screenshots for reference.

And now you’ve successfully created your WordPress site with Siteground.

We hope this quick guide was helpful. Be sure to reach out to us here if you’re needing help with setting up your WordPress site!

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Last updated November 26, 2021

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